DTU Cost Model

class topfarm.cost_models.economic_models.dtu_wind_cm_main.economic_evaluation(distance_from_shore, energy_price, project_duration, discount_rate=0.0909870634)[source]

All masses are in kg, all costs are in 2017 Euro

__init__(distance_from_shore, energy_price, ...)

calculate_npv(rated_rpm_array, ...[, ...])

Calculate Net Present Value [Euro]

calculate_irr(rated_rpm_array, ...[, ...])

Calculate Internal Rate of Return [%]


Calculate cash flow every year during the project period

calculate_expenditures(rated_rpm, ...[, ...])

Calculate DEVEX, CAPEX, OPEX and ABEX [Euro]


Calculate DEVEX [Euro]

calculate_capex(rated_rpm, rotor_diameter, ...)

Calculate CAPEX [Euro]


Calculate OPEX [Euro / year]


Calculate ABEX [Euro]

calculate_turbine(rated_rpm, rotor_diameter, ...)

Calculate the part of CAPEX associated with the turbine itself [Euro]

calculate_foundation(rotor_diameter, ...)

Calculate the part of CAPEX associated with the foundation itself [Euro]

high_speed_drivetrain(rotor_diameter, ...)

Calculate the cost of high speed drivetrain [Euro]

medium_speed_drivetrain(rotor_diameter, ...)

Calculate the cost of medium speed drivetrain [Euro]

direct_drive_drivetrain(rotor_diameter, ...)

Calculate the cost of direct drive drivetrain [Euro]