Installation Guide


Before you can install the software, you must first have a working Python distribution with a package manager. For all platforms we recommend that you download and install Anaconda - a professional grade, full-blown scientific Python distribution.

To set up Anaconda, you should:

  • Download and install Anaconda (Python 3.x version, 64 bit installer is recommended) from

  • Update the root Anaconda environment (type in a terminal):

    >> conda update --all

  • Activate the Anaconda root environment in a terminal as follows:

    >> activate

It is recommended to create a new environment to install PyWake if you have other Python programs. This ensures that the dependencies for the different packages do not conflict with one another. In the command prompt, create and active an environment with:

conda create --name pywake python=3.8
activate pywake

Simple Installation

PyWake’s base code is open-sourced and freely available on GitLab (MIT license).

  • Install from (official releases):

    pip install py_wake
  • Install from GitLab (includes any recent updates):

    pip install git+

Developer Installation

We highly recommend developers to install PyWake into the environment created previously. The commands to clone and install PyWake with developer options including dependencies required to run the tests into the current active environment in an Anaconda Prompt are as follows:

git clone
cd PyWake
pip install -e .[test]